Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Dancevidaniya | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

I really wanted this to feel like the beautiful, rich, gilded Bolshoi Theater in Moscow. But, I
thought it would be interesting to juxtapose a flatter, stylized stage set against it.

I Painted the piece below as a key for the theater.

Design  J.Martin  J.Holt     Paint   J. Holt

Heres A piece I did that shows the stage set that the dancers perform on.

Design and Paint    J. Holt

Design and Paint   Staff

Design and Paint    J. Holt

Design.  J. Holt      Paint  C. Rozak

Design,  Staff      Paint  J. Holt

Design  J. Holt  P. O'Conner    Paint  J. Holt

Design, Staff    Paint  J. Holt

This is the final image of Mickey and Minnie exiting by horse drawn sleigh.  I did this piece in the fashion of an antique Russian lacquer box.

Design and Paint     J. Holt

Title Card   J. Holt